Our Story

We got started one blustery, January day driving home from our favorite winter resort, Mammoth Mountain. As we were surveying the gas station, filled with sugary, processed, fatty snacks, we thought to ourselves there must be a better way. There had to be a challenger to the potato chip empire, a delicious healthy snack that you could feel good about eating and didn’t taste like cardboard (…we are looking at you rice cakes).  It was on that 5 hour drive home to Los Angeles that Giddy Up Nuts was born. 

And they really love us!

Giddy Up Nuts are a great selling product! The nuts are very tasty, and the packaging is eye-catching. Excellent impulse item. One customer came back into the store just to tell me how delicious these almonds are!
— Sophia Wong, Santa Monica Mountains National Parks Store, Calabasas

We are coming to stores across California