Our Story

I have always loved to be in the kitchen, it is the place where I am most energized and creative. I grew up in the kitchen, like when I was three and would make “recipes”-ultimately a mishmash of ingredients resulting in an inedible concoction that got me in a lot of trouble; to learning to help my mom and aunt cook holiday meals and maturing into being able to cook my husband one heck of a date night meal. I love the kitchen, I love to cook, the only thing I love more is a good adventure.

And that confluence is where Giddy Up Nuts was born. About five years ago I was driving home from a weekend of adventure at California’s favorite playground, Mammoth Mountain. As I surveyed the store, filled with sugary, processed, fatty snacks, I thought that there must be a better way to snack on the road. There had to be a challenger to the potato chip empire; a delicious, approachable, healthy snack that you could feel good about eating and tasted good too. Fuel for your everyday wanderings, whether it was something to munch on the way to work or keep you going on an epic adventure.

I began selling Giddy Up Nuts at the local farmers markets, where the stall quickly became a favorite among the market goers. Customers loved Giddy Up’s unique flavors, all-natural ingredients, and eye-catching packaging. Soon I began selling online and distributing to gourmet, specialty food stores. Today you can find Giddy Up at specialty retailers across the country.

When I’m not in the kitchen dreaming up new flavors, you can find me hiking with my golden retriever, Luke, skiing in Mammoth with my Aussie husband, or adventuring to new places, always of course, with Giddy Up Nuts in hand.

And they really love us!

Giddy Up Nuts are a great selling product! The nuts are very tasty, and the packaging is eye-catching. Excellent impulse item. One customer came back into the store just to tell me how delicious these almonds are!
— Sophia Wong, Santa Monica Mountains National Parks Store, Calabasas

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